Education City Golf Club Supports Golf & Health Week

15 May 2019

Education City Golf Club participated in the first ever Golf and Health week which was launched by the governing body of golf the R&A (The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews). The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the health benefits of golf for people of all ages and abilities and will be carried out globally.

Education City Golf Clubs vision is to improve health and well being and grow golf with Qatar and saw the health week as a great opportunity to showcase the health benefits of golf and an active lifestyle in Qatar.

Education City Golf club aims to provide easy access to healthy participation in sport to enhance lifestyle values for individuals and families alike, in Qatar and beyond.

Education City Golf has the unique Centre of Excellence a ‘world-leading facility’ with cutting-edge equipment and technology, for both tuition and overall enjoyment. The Centre of Excellence provides people of all abilities with the power to progress, to develop skills or confidence - or just to ‘give it a try’.

Education City Golf Clubs head professional Anthony Caira has developed a Give programme to cover all facets of the programme and offered a range of complimentary activities to guests in Qatar. The activities covered the following elements:

  • Free Screening at the Education City Golf Club, Centre of Excellence gymnasium to determine a fit for golf plan for golfers.
  • Yoga was another activity that was included into the week with free yoga instruction by Rachel Choi one of the resident golf professionals.
  • Free access to the driving range including free instruction for first time golfers was also given on one of the days along with nutrition for golf seminars and complimentary body mass index screenings.

Commenting on Education City Golf Club’s activities Anthony Caira Head Golf Professional stated ‘this whole campaign is brilliant to make everyone aware of the health and wellbeing benefits the game of golf brings. Health and wellbeing is at the forefront of what we are doing here at ECGC so it is very appropriate for us to get involved in this world wide campaign.”


David White
Education City Golf Club
Education City Golf Club, Education City,Al-Rayyan ,Doha,Qatar 12182,