New cart paths on the course at Golf Ugolino-Florence

08 August 2019

Tuscany is famous for the rolling hills that are found everywhere in the region. It creates beautiful views and memories to last a lifetime.

Our course has been built into the naturals hills and slopes of the region  in 1934. It offers magnificient views everywhere on the course! But one of the most difficult part of the course are these slopes that often give the players an uneven lie of the ball.

This winter we started to build new cart paths and now, at last, it is all finished. You can now drive smoothly on the paved paths trhough all kind of weather, even if Tuscany is mostly sunny!



Cristiano Bevilacqua - Club Secretary
Circolo Golf Ugolino-Florence
Circolo Golf Ugolino-Florence, Via Chiantigiana Per Strada 3,Impruneta,Firenze 50023,