2020 Golf group tour in Uganda

29 May 2019

Prepare for an African dream experience as next year (10th June -16th June 2020), we are bringing together a group of passionate golf travel enthusiasts for a golf and wildlife experience in the Pearl of Africa. The tour will be 7 days short and will feature 4 international level golf courses in Uganda including the luxurious Serena Golf Coursebuilt on the shores of Lake Victoria one of the biggest Lakes in Africa, Kilembe Golf Course which sits at the foot of the famous Rwenzori Mountains of the moon, Kihihi Garuga Golf course located right next to Bwindi, the home of the Gorillas and Entebbe Golf Course, the oldest course in East Africa designed by the British explorer and Botanist Sir Henry Harry Johnston in 1901.

The tour will also be a smashing mix of wildlife, nature, culture and culinary experience. Expect to go gorilla tracking in Bwindi Forest to track the endangered mountain gorillas which are the largest of the great apes that share 97% of their biology with human beings, visit Ishasha sector one of the few places in the world to spot tree climbing lions in their natural habitat, have a boat cruise on the Kazinga channel which has the world's largest concentration of hippos, numerous Nile crocodiles and over 420 bird species, visit the endangered batwa pygmies (less than 100 left) that make home of Bwindi Forest, taste Uganda's colorful, organic and delicious cuisine and wash it down with the famous Uganda Waragi and make great new friends!

We partner with a select high end strategically located accommodations for a great service experience and comfort. The tour will also be fully escorted with our highly experienced tour guides that will fill your drives with stories of Uganda and more.

Soft All Inclusive Price: USD 4750 Per person

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We can't wait to show you our beautiful Uganda.

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