Team USA Wins International King’s Cup for First Time

30 May 2019

Orlando, FL, May 24, 2019 – Team USA won the International King’s Cup for the first time the event was held on U.S. soil with a come from behind victory in singles on Day 3 at Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge.

The International Kings Cup is a Ryder Cup° style event played annually in honour of golf’s greatest ambassador, Mr Arnold Palmer, whose Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship and Commitment to Excellence represent the ideals for which the game of golf is known.

Phil Smith and Andy Kiefer in Open C were the stars of Team USA, never scoring less than 21 points in any format. They led the the U.S. comeback with 14 and 10 point margins in the first two matches of the day.

Team Ireland started chipping away at the lead over the next 3 matches with William Hanley, Pat Toomey and Tom Muldoon scoring victories. The lead see-sawed back and forth until Bill Daddono’s 18 point win proved to be the difference when the last four matches were split 12-16.

The final tally was Team USA 582 – Team Ireland 570.

The 16 man teams compete at match play with 2 points awarded for winning a hole and 1 point for a halve. Total points at the end of the three days determines who wins the Cup. Team Ireland had held the Cup for three years running.

Next year the International King’s Cup will return to Northern Ireland.

Randy Tantlinger, host of the Golfin' Around TV Show, was Master of Ceremonies for the International King's Cup. The event will be televised on COX SPORTS TV on the Golfin' Around TV Show. COX SPORTS TV reaches 19 USA States. Golfin' Around is broadcast Sundays @ 730PM and Tuesdays @ 800PM.

Countries interested in forming a Team to participate in the 2020 event should contact Mr. Randy Tantlinger at golfingpittsburgh@yahoo.

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