La Cala Resort rated among Spain's top 10 golf courses

25 July 2019, considered the website to choose the most accredited golf courses in Europe, has just published its famous list in which it selects the 10 best golf courses in Spain. La Cala Resort has positioned itself in the sixth place in the ranking, according to the opinions expressed by users, made up of golfers from all over the world.

The portal highlights without a doubt that Spain remains the ideal destination in Europe for its high level of excellence. For this reason, golfers will continue to choose this country to practice their favorite sport. The decalogue, fully updated, includes the recommendations of golfers until July 4 and is based on those golf courses that have generated more than 200 opinions on the prestigious website of

Leadingcourses indicate that there are 398 golf clubs in Spain, which is a wide range to choose from.

There are lists worlwide that advertise the “best golf courses in Spain” in which high-level clubs are listed. However, access to the public is somewhat restricted which makes them less playable and popular. For this reason, Leadingcourses has highlighted that there is a correlation between the number of recommendations and the price of a green fee. To elaborate this popular list, they have analyzed the golf courses with more than 200 comments published on their website and rated them, according to the most positive opinions.

"We are very proud to see that golfers really value and love our facilities at La Cala Golf," said Sean Corte-Real, director of La Cala Resort.

Furthermore, La Cala Resort faces the summer season with more competitions than ever, with more than a dozen competitions. August includes the following competitions


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