Golf Drives looks to the future

07 January 2022

Forward thinking – Lets talk about how we can bounce back stronger, together.

Another festive season behind us and what does the new year look like going forward?

In spite of the circumstances of the last two years we feel that now is really the time to talk about turning a corner and pushing on into what should become a vitally important year of continued recovery and growth for many in the golf industry.

Pandemic or not, in the last two years Golf-Drives has engaged with and started trading with many fellow IAGTO members as a result of various networking events, outreach, and/or inbound enquiries. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we hope to build on this to develop strong, long term, partnerships in the future. As we can offer you transfer services in over 20 countries worldwide we hope to be a useful part of your supplier network in the future.

Golfers are going to travel again in big numbers this year, we are very confident in this. We want to be well positioned to meet this demand in partnership with the fantastic operators and agents who make the travel possible. We are actively pricing and carrying out transfers for FIT, groups and more recently events as well with their more complex itineraries.

We would love to talk to you, and find out how our transfer solutions can help you and your guests moving forward into 2022.


Phil Arger - Key Account Manager
Golf Drives
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