Teeing It Up, between Spa Procedures

10 January 2022

Medical Tourism, Rest and Relaxation and Beer Spa’s

Beer Spa’s caught your attention, right? Surprisingly that is the least popular, although perhaps the most fun of treatments that are consumed in the West Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, where you will find a trifecta of the 8 Great Spa Towns of Europe. The Great Spas of Europe

For centuries people from around the world have headed to West Bohemia to make use of the natural resources (water and mud) in which the area abounds. But it’s not all about world-famous spa towns where it’s good to relax and recharge your batteries. In the vicinity of the spa triangle, set in soothing countryside, you’ll also discover several top golf resorts where you can spend your free time between spa procedures.

Medical Tourism is the #1 reason why, in 2019 over 880,000 clients visited a total of 36 spa towns in the Czech Republic. The crown jewel of the Czech Spa Towns is; Karlovy Vary with Mariánské Lázně and Frantiskovy Lazne making up The West Bohemian Spa Triangle. The three are home to more mineral springs than any other region in the world, additionally have also been added to the UNESCO world heritage site.

The advantages of “med wellness” include centuries of experience in providing medical treatments. The spa infrastructure in the Czech Republic is at an excellent level. Spa resorts employ highly qualified medical staff to oversee care with the progressive healing and physiotherapeutic methods that are world renowned.

Staying active in most cases is staying healthy, with that golf is encouraged for those that enjoy the game... with several excellent golf options.

Karlovy Vary, the breathtaking setting offers 2 immediate options for golfers, including one of the oldest and top-rated courses in the region Golf Resort Karlovy Vary and Cihelny Golf & Wellness Resort is a Gary Player Signature Design.

Marianske Lazne, here you will find the oldest golf courses in the Czech Republic, Royal Golf Club open in 1905, received “Royal” designation from Queen Elizabeth II in 2003. Royal Golf Club Mariánské Lázně

Frantiskovy Lazne, the smallest of the 3 towns, offers a challenging layout at the Golf Resort Frantiskovy Lazne

Beer Spas, just what you might think, the contents of what you are sitting in is beer based. Generally, a combination of the same ingredients that go into beer making plus mineral water and some beer. Extremely relaxing and good for the skin, you are encouraged to enjoy a pint or 2 during the process. Best of all when you are done you don’t smell of beer. A couple of the original Beer Spa’s Chodovar Beer Spa & Brewery and one with beer spa outlets in each of the Great Spa Towns of the Czech Republic
První Pivní Lázně Karlovy Vary - Beer Spa

It is without doubt that one plays their best golf with sound mind and body, West Bohemia in the Czech Republic is just the place to make it happen.

The conditions that are treated are diverse, a very small sampling include: digestive conditions, diabetes, neurological disorders, osteoporosis, prostate, respiratory, heart disease and circulation.

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