Leadingcourses presents: The Best Golf Courses according to golfers

15 May 2019

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Golfers' Choice Awards 2019, the best golf courses according to golfers. The Golfers’ Choice rankings have been created for 15 countries in total. For the first time a ranking could also be devised for South Africa. The rankings are based on the reviews of golfers, which makes it the only user generated golf course ranking in the world of golf.

The Golfers' Choice Rankings were first created six years ago when we felt we needed to give golfers a voice. They are the ones that play the courses, so why shouldn't they be the ones to decide the rankings? As a rating is calculated from every review that is written on Leadingcourses.com it was a logical step to create a ranking of golf clubs, courses, facilities and more based on the opinion of golfers, hence The Golfers' Choice.

Golfers' Choice Rankings in 15 countries

Golfers' Choice Rankings are only released in countries where we have enough reviews to create a reliable ranking. Not every golf course is automatically included in the Golfers' Choice Rankings. When a golf club has gathered sufficient reviews they are eligible to qualify for the rankings. To make sure that ratings stay relevant, reviews are devalued over time.

The winners per country

This year rankings have been released for 15 countries in 3 continents. It is the first time a ranking has been created for South Africa, which is a very popular destination amongst golfers.

New No.1's and usual suspects

This year there are 8 new number 1's. The biggest jump by a winner was in Belgium by Royal Golf Club Sart Tilman which went from 6 to 1. Things are very tight at the top in Belgium as the whole top-6 has a rating of an 8.4. The difference between no.1 Sart Tilman and no.2 Royal Bercuit Golf Club is only two hundreds! Another notable new number 1 is Real Golf de Pedreña, who is the number one after Valderrama had claimed the top spot for five years in a row.

We take our hats of for Monte Rei Golf and Country Club in Portugal and De Koninklijke Haagsche Golf & Country Club in The Netherlands which are the best golf courses according to golfers in their country for the respective 6th and 5th year in a row.

Quality golf courses come at a price

Many golf courses in the above list have green fees of € 100,- or more. Some even go well over € 200,- So quality comes at a price. In return though, you often get the experience of a lifetime. As it turns out, golfers rather pay a higher green fee to play at an outstanding course, than a little less to play at a mediocre course.

If you're looking for a bargain, you might find it at an unexpected place. At Golf de Morfontaine in France they are very private and do not have green fees. Once you're invited by a member though, you only pay € 50,-. For the whole day. The cheapest public club in the list above is Assoufid Golf Club which charges €79,- for a round of 18 holes. The most expensive is Emirates Golf Club Dubai where you pay €291 for a round of golf.


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