Michigan’s Magnificent 10 Golf Course Receives National Recognition for Sustainability Work

10 November 2022

BOYNE Golf Courses named E-Z-GO Green Ambassador

BOYNE Golf in Michigan are proud to be honored as E-Z-GO’s first Green Ambassador. Best known for its innovative line of prestigious golf cars, E-Z-GO, a Textron Specialized Vehicles business, honors the prestigious “Michigan’s Magnificent 10” golf courses for their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Michiganders value the beautiful state in which we raise our families, work, and play in,” said Josh Richter, Senior Vice President of Golf Operations at BOYNE. “We want to show others across the nation that golf courses can operate successfully with sustainability at the forefront, ensuring that we leave a positive legacy for future generations of golfers and outdoor enthusiasts.”

The Green Ambassador program is a new initiative of E-Z-GO as part of its larger commitment to sustainability. To qualify as a Green Ambassador, a course measures its business initiatives on a numerical scale. Question topics in key sections include:

  • Habitat and Water Conservation
  • Facilities and Buildings
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Education, Advocacy and Community Outreach

“We are very fortunate to have leaders like BOYNE in the golf industry, who prioritize not only making the game of golf better, but also making the world a better, safer place to live,” said Adam Harris, Vice President and General Manager for E-Z-GO for Textron Specialized Vehicles.

In 2021, BOYNE Resorts committed to a goal of net zero emissions across all 13 of their golf courses by 2030 — they call it the “ForeverProject.” From selective watering days, to the expansion of natural areas around fairways, and building buffer zones around water features to decreasing the frequency of mowing fairways, the ForeverProject is now saving thousands of dollars and reducing emissions. Another key investment making a positive change is BOYNE’s fleet of E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE golf cars, which reduce charging time and energy use by more than 25 percent compared to vehicles powered by traditional lead-acid battery technology.

“It’s important to not only talk about ways to be sustainable, but turn conversations into actions,” said Mari Kissinger, Director of Sustainability for Golf for BOYNE Golf. “We are proud of the hard work to better the environment that’s being accomplished in Michigan. We know other courses across the country will be inspired to act too.”

Richter hopes golfers will take note of the environmental work that’s being accomplished at Michigan’s Magnificent 10 courses, and challenges other courses to do the same.

“The more we can work together, the quicker we can see positive changes for our courses, communities and the planet,” Richter said.

Apply to be an E-Z-GO Green Ambassador at ezgo.com/togetherforchange.

About BOYNE Golf
BOYNE Golf is a collection of ten courses at three resorts: The Highlands, Boyne Mountain Resort and the Inn at Bay Harbor located within 15 miles of Petoskey, MI. Beyond the world-class golf, BOYNE Golf is centered amid one of America’s most beautiful vacation spots. The scenic Lake Michigan beach towns of Charlevoix, Harbor Springs and Petoskey are minutes away, and a side trip to Mackinac Island is easily managed. Guests can enjoy award-winning spas, waterfront dining, sandy beaches, watersports, gaming, microbreweries, wineries, hiking, biking, tennis, zip-lining, shopping and more capped by the spectacular northern Michigan sunsets. For more information on BOYNE Golf, visit www.BOYNEGolf.com.

About E-Z-GO
E-Z-GO is an iconic, world-renowned brand in golf cars and personal transportation vehicles. Products sold under the E-Z-GO brand include RXV® fleet golf cars, Freedom® and Valor personal golf cars, and Liberty™ and E-Z-GO Express™ personal utility vehicles. Known for innovation in electric-vehicle and powertrain technology, E-Z-GO’s offerings include the ELiTE series of lithium-ion-powered golf cars and PTVs, including the Liberty™, the industry’s first vehicle with four forward-facing seats in a compact, golf-car-sized footprint. Founded in 1954 in Augusta, Ga.,E-Z-GO became part of Textron Inc. in 1960, and today operates as part of the company’s Textron Specialized Vehicles division.


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