Chinese Tour operators explore Poppy Hills in California

18 December 2018

Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach hosted a FAM Trip that consisted of 14 different Chinese Travel Agents

Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach, CA recently hosted 14 Golf Tour Operators from China looking to become more familiar with the golf courses in the area. Everyone knows the big golf courses in Pebble Beach, often pushing Poppy Hills to the side. These Tour Operators wanted to see what the top 100 public golf course was like for themselves. The trip started in Bend, Oregon, with the group traveling all the way down the Pacific Coast on a two-week road trip, ending at Poppy Hills.

The goal for the trip was to get the group more familiar with golf courses on the Pacific Coast, focusing on the up and coming golf courses. The group also played at Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley and Half Moon Bay Golf Links.

One of the other main reasons for this trip was to show the tour operators that the Monterey Peninsula doesn’t really have a bad Winter season. Ms. Li from Huayang Golf said “The greens and fairways are great, even though it is not the best season to play in Monterey. We can imagine how good it is in the Spring. The designs are dedicated. You don't feel any hole is similar to any other ones I have played before.” This December we’ve seen exceptionally good weather, with the course only being affected by rain one or two days.

Mr. Zhu from Fujian Ez2trip said “The club house has a great view and the practice area is good enough for any players. The academy on site should be a good reason for us to spend more time here every time if we can get some hints to improve our swing before tee off.” He also noted that since Poppy Hills is the headquarters of the Northern California Golf Association, “They should have good networks with other golf courses in North California. By booking through Poppy Hills, we should be able to book other golf courses under the concept of ‘one-stop shop’.”

Some of the companies in attendance were Shenzhen Yungao Golf, Huayang Golf, Fujian Ez2trip, and Guangzhou Holf Golf. They all left with great impressions of the area and will be back soon with clients of their own. We hope to see more FAM trips to this area in the future.



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