Is There Still an Appetite for Luxury Travel? AITO’s latest survey provides the answer

29 March 2021

Luxury travellers are desperate to get back out there. That’s the headline from a new AITO survey, that found 89 percent of people will take the same or a higher number of holidays once travel is safe again.

The survey was UK specific, but there are lessons to be learned worldwide. Most importantly, you need to be ready to give hungry travellers the adventures they crave.

Luxury Travellers Want to Plan

A deeper dive into the survey reveals that people aren’t just excited by the prospect of going on holiday again, they want to get planning. A remarkable 83 percent of respondents said they enjoy the anticipation of planning a holiday.

That is great news for us in the travel industry, because it means people are ready to be engaged now to build anticipation for their next trip.

Age Matters

Perhaps surprisingly, it is people in their 50s who are most eager to get away, with 85 percent saying they hoped to travel soon. Close behind them are travellers in their 40s (83 percent) and 60s (82 percent), while those in their 70s (77 percent) are not as risk-averse as might have been expected. Travellers in their 30s (80 percent) fall at the more cautious end of the scale.

Not Just Staycations

The good news for the global travel market is that when people say they want to travel, they mean to anywhere. Or certainly the majority do, with 56% saying they are likely to travel long haul within the next 12 months.

Luxury travellers will, of course, take staycations and short-haul trips in the near future. But they are eager for the unforgettable globetrotting adventures they have been denied by COVID.

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