Discover our itineraries around Leonardo’s life and machines at Golf Bellosguardo Vinci in Tuscany

01 November 2019

Discover Leonardo is a space designed for Bellosguardo guests wanting to let themselves be fascinated by the most famous Italian character in the world. There is no art, science or invention of which Leonardo was not a master, there is no field he was not an expert in. To discover everything surrounding who Leonardo was and what he accomplished is almost impossible, however, Bellosguardo offers the opportunity to get closer to the inventor, the artist and the man in a completely different manner. Seeing, touching, visiting the machines he designed, looking at them as he imagined them when he designed them, reliving his story and the lesser-known anecdotes of his life, in his land, on his hills, immersed in nature, without any architectural barriers, in the open air.

For more details on the 3 Itineraries available at Golf Belloguardo Vinci, please click here (8.7MB PDF).

  1. Leonardo’s Footsteps: Immersed in nature, inside an olive grove, you can discover one by one the main stages of Leonardo’s life, seeing where he lived and what he did. In all the stations, as you are enveloped by the setting and experience step by step his history, the anecdotes about him as well as several secrets, you will be awe-struck by all the details that appear before your eyes as. Audio and music supports will guide you in an unforgettable experience.
  2. Back in Time: By interpreting the drawings, skilled Florentine artisans passionate about Leonardo, have now reproduced life-size models of the machines he designed, creating a collection of works unique in its kind. Prince of all achievements, the Tank; an impressive machine measuring 700 x 700 cm, with painstaking attention to even the smallest details inside. Positioned on the ridge from where you can enjoy a unique view, every detail tells a story. Travelling down this path is paramount to immersing yourself in another reality. Leonardo therefore becomes “interactive”. A true guide that links the past to the present. There is an audio system for the description of each machine.

3. On the Course: each hole is dedicated to a work or a place of Leonardo…. the Vitruvian Man, the Paddle Boat, the Self-supporting Bridge, Solids and the places of his life. Each Hole is a new story to be seen and experienced.



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