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17 March 2021

To increase traction in the Italian market Leadingcourses.com - the leading review and booking portal in Europe - has partnered with GolfUS to ensure more golf clubs in Italy will become bookable. GolfUS is the official Italian reseller of Chronogolf by Lightspeed, which is a golf course management system used by more than 1,000 golf clubs worldwide.

Italy destined to become a real golf destination
Leading Courses - who has been active for over 10 years - has a very positive outlook in golf tourism in Italy. Italy is home to many golf courses, often designed by famous golf course architects. More and more Italian golf clubs are opening their doors to green fee players and are less focused on members only. Jeroen Korving, founder of Leadingcourses.com and responsible for the growth of bookable golf clubs on the site: “In the summer of 2020 - when covid-19 was less prominent and people could travel again - we noticed a huge increase in demand for countries like France and Italy. People decided to travel by car and I expect that that trend will also continue in 2021. France and Italy are countries with a great infrastructure for tourism, the cuisine is great and both have lovely golf courses. The only thing Italian clubs need to do is to digitise their golf operation.” Paulo Vittadini, president, and CEO of GolfUS couldn’t agree more: “Italy is such a beautiful country and this is well known all over the world. Tourists however are not aware that Italy has such stunning golf courses, often nearby other famous attractions. Most Italian courses are playable all year long and it’s a pity that tourists are not aware of this. Our goal is to grow the Italian golf business, giving clubs the chance to increase their revenues with golf tourism.”

Local presence in Italy
Leading Courses connects to many different tee sheet providers - basically digital agendas - throughout Europe. Each country has its specific suppliers, but many of them also are quite outdated in terms of technology. Chronogolf is a powerful cloud-based tee sheet and we can only applaud a company like GolfUS which is willing to invest and roll-out such technology in a country like Italy. Jeroen Korving: “The partnership will help us to grow more rapidly in Italy, as we already have connected many golf clubs using Chronogolf. For us the language barrier is difficult and the GolfUS team only consists of Italian people who are well networked in the Italian golf market. They speak the language and know the culture. That helps a lot. Davide Fasci, head of Digital at GolfUS explains the need to open up: “Key for Italian golf industry is asset management, with tee times being the most valuable asset of a golf club. Digital evolution, with proper tools and reliable channels, will help revenues grow, it will enhance the experience of members and it will simplify the work of golf club employees.

Prepare now, profit later
Because of covid-19 and because the Italian golf competition season has not yet started, Italian clubs must spend their time wisely. Jeroen Korving: “This is the perfect time to start using a digital tee sheet and to plan for the future. Such a tee sheet will help to increase insights into when members golf and when they don’t. This will help a golf course manager to increase the yield and thus overall revenue. And, that is something clubs can use after the last year. Luca Bergnacchini, Marketing Manager at GolfUS couldn’t agree more: “Digital marketing is the only way to promote Italy as a golf destination abroad. Market leaders as Leadingcourses will help us seamlessly connect Italian golf courses to the world.”


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With half a million monthly visitors who are inspired by hundreds of thousands of reviews of golf courses worldwide, Leadingcourses.com is Europe’s largest community platform, made for and by golfers. Leadingcourses.com connects an active and fast-growing community of golfers with an increasing number of golf courses that can be booked online. For golf courses, this means an increase in reach, turnover, valuable insights, and digital/e-commerce solutions. Golfers can discover more golf courses and golf experiences readily available in the palm of their hands.

Contact: Jeroen Korving
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About GolfUS
Golf House Group has been active in the golf industry since 1987. Golf Us and Us Golf (trademarks in different countries) are within the top 3 golf equipment retailers in Europe, with operations in Spain, France, and Italy, which is its domestic market. Golf Us runs 15 megastores and 50 pro shops at golf clubs in Europe, but the majority - 40 in total - are located in Italy.

The digital division has the ambition to digitalize the Italian golf industry, both for members and guest players. We aim to open up the market for incoming tourism and develop the enormous potential of Italy as a golf destination. Through proper tooling, using international standards and strategic partnerships.

Contact: Paulo Vittadini
URL: www.golfus.it


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